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Nexenta Guest Blog: Hardware, Software, what about Valueware?

Greg Schulz wrote a great piece on "Valueware", and I wanted to syndicate it here. He frames it in terms of "TrueValue Hardware", a place where I spend a decent amount of money. He rightly urges vendors to consider the Value of what they are providing. So, Here it is:

I am surprised nobody has figured out how to use the term valueware to describe their hardware, software or services solutions, particular around cloudbig data, little dataconverged solutionstacks or bundles, virtualization and related themes.

Cloud virtualization storage and networking building blocks image
Cloud and virtualization building blocks transformed into Valueware

Note that I’m referring to IT hardware and not what you would usually find at a TrueValue hardware store (disclosure, I like to shop there for things to innovate with and address the non IT to do project list).

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