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Now Available On-demand: Creating Complete Test Environments in the Cloud

Parasoft’s Mark Lambert and Skytap’s Jonathan Van Meter gave a great webinar last week that showed how service virtualization helps dev/test teams create “complete test environments in the cloud.”

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By utilizing virtualization technology in the SDLC, specifically service virtualization and virtual dev/test labs, companies can increase test coverage in less time and ultimately produce better software faster. 

This technology enables dev/test teams to test earlier and test less by using simulated, virtual environments. This solution streamlines provisioning and allows teams to access the exact environments they need, when they need them.

Some great questions were asked by those watching the webinar live, including:

  • Can a Skytap environment connect back to an on-premise resources?
  • Can you resuse virtual assets in different environments?
  • Can SV be shared if you have more than one environment, or does Skytap need its own service virtualization copy?
  • How does Parasoft SV work with SOAtest?

We invite you to view the webinar now, on-demand, and be sure and look out for future webinars so you can participate in them live!

View now!

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